Easter Sundae, a Sam's Son mare

Broken Bones Sam's Son x Kasey's Delight

Tall, beautifully gaited mare!


KMSHA eligible

Sundae has a gorgeous Hickory Ridge filly by her side! 

Born March 24, 2016 

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see Sundae's

full pedigree.

Misty May Day, a Dock's Apache Gold mare

May Day is a beautiful golden buckskin who produces highly sought-after offspring.  Her sweet demeanor, natural gait and color are all consistently passed on to her offspring.  


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May Day has been bred to Stardust's Steely Dan!

Choco Lot's Abracadabra, a Choco Lot mare

"Abby" is a big,

solid black mare

who delivers gorgeous babies.

Abby's first foal won

 the yearling confirmation

 high point award in our region.

Choco-Lot x Beautiful Moon



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Abby is expecting a foal in May 2016.

Amego's Fancy Lace, an Amego's Rockin' Gem mare

Fancy brings home the blue! Not only is she a winner in the show ring,her offspring are winners as well! 

At 15.2, Fancy is a stately, elegant, commanding lady!


Amego's Rockin' Gem

(Toco Sam)


Hilda (Sam Clemmon's Tim)


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Fancy has a gorgeous palomino filly by her side now!

Apache's Honey Maiden, a Dock's Apache Gold mare
Honey is an Isabella Palomino!  She is a sweet, in-your-pocket mare and has a fabulous gait.  
Dock's Apache Gold
x Midnight's Dot
Honey delivered a gorgeous grulla filly!

Sam's Son's Made You Look, a Sam's Son mare

Maizy, is a sweet, in-your-pocket Silver Buckskin. Her foals are very sought after as they typically are full of color and personality!

Maizy's delivered a rare

Silver Perlino filly on

April 23, 2015!



Broken Bone's Sam's Son


Misty May Day

(a Dock's Apache Gold mare)

Midnight Jewell, an Amego's Rockin' Gem mare

"Clara," as we call her, is a velvety solid black mare with no white markings.  Her flowing mane and tail are simply breathtaking.  Clara has a consistent, natural gait. 

Clara has a stunning chocolate stud colt!

See "Foals For Less" page



Amego's Rockin' Gem


Sebastian's Theresa

(Reb's Big Shot)


Gem's Blue-Eyed Belle

Amego's Rockin' Gem x Sing The Blues (Maples Squirrel)

"April" as we call her, is a gorgeous black mare with no red gene.  Her first foal was a silver buckskin.  April has a gorgeous silver bay stud colt by her side!

SGF's State of the Union
SGF's State of the Union: Blue Roan RMHA mare.  Just certified and will be a future brood mare for Stargait Farms.  Union Blue x Gold Digger.